Installing beautiful and high-quality tiles in your bathroom or kitchen provide sophisticated design and look to these premises, ensures comfortable and convenient conditions in these frequently utilized areas and increases the overall value of your residence. However, tiles stick together by grout that looks quite nice when new but tends to get seriously dirty and damaged over the time. This will not only spoil the beautiful interior but also cause the water and evaporations to slip behind the walls and extend the deterioration of the mere construction.To avoid these complications and to keep your tiles shining clean, you need to provide regular maintenance. It might sound boring, but some activities have to be done daily, some will suffice if provided weekly and others should be done every once in a while.

Daily tiles and grout maintenance

This is probably annoying to most people, but the more regularly you provide routine cleaning of tiles and grout, the fewer chances are you’ll have to conduct some heavy interventions or even full replacement of tiles. Purchase some effective and generic household cleaner, a good, moderate rough brush and make a habit. Once a day when you are done with showering or taking a bath, simply grab a brush and cleaner and clean the whole tile surface. Drain the excess water and wipe off the moisture and evaporations. If you’re out of the commercial cleaner, vinegar and water mixture will do just fine. This routine cleaning will reduce the need for thorough and exhausting occasional scrubbing, but you should, nevertheless, conduct some treatments weekly.

Deep weekly cleaning

Due to the common utilization of various showering creams or oils, stubborn soap scum and finally inevitable mildew caused by moisture, it is highly recommended to provide a deep cleaning of tiles and grout once a week. A water solution of baking soda or hydrogen peroxide for tougher stains is suitable for weekly maintenance. Also, get some old used toothbrush and use it to clean gout thoroughly with baking soda paste. Scrub until all the tough stains are gone and rinse meticulously. Once you’re done, make sure to ventilate the bathroom for a while to prevent hazardous effects of these aggressive chemicals.

Treatments for neglected tough stains

Whether you’ve been lazy and failed to provide proper regular maintenance or your tiles and grout somehow got severely dirty so common methods of cleaning are not effective, there are few more options you got before the need to replace it all for new ones. The first option is to apply aggressive bleach solutions. Try convenient bleach pen for smaller grout areas or wider brush to apply chlorine solutions onto the whole surface. Careful with this chemical, because there’s a risk of health issues, as well as the risk of eroding tiles. If these also fail to provide effective cleaning, specific products are providing additional grout you can apply as a new layer above the current grout. It’s best to purchase grout renewal products in some darker color so that the future stains won’t be so obvious.