Equipment we use in tile and grout cleaning

Equipment we use in tile and grout cleaning

This job requires some top equipment, and we have it. Without the equipment like that, we wouldn’t be able to become the most renowned companies on the market. We use only the best equipment that is currently available as it allows us to finish the work faster, but not to lose a high quality of the service we provide.

The essential tools we use

When it comes to tile cleaning the Square Scrub is the tool that every serious company needs. It has a lot of power, and it also comes with adjustable cleaning speed, which is perfect for floors that aren’t standard. In our hands, this machine can clean a lot of space in short time, which is the main reason we use it. Its settings allow us to adjust the device, so it cleans every little nook and cranny that a floor has. Sadly, it isn’t good for hardly accessible areas due to its size.

For sectors that have an irregular surface and those that aren’t readily available, we use Prochem tool. This tool is mountable to any powerful machine, and it extends the reach for several feet. We use this tool to clean countertops and ledges as well as any area that isn’t reachable with our primary machine. Cleaning corners are also possible with Prochem extension, but it requires a source that can create at least 900 PSI along with high heat.

We know what you need

We are aware of how hard is to clean tiles and grout alone, and we have equipment that will turn that work into something that will last only a couple of hours. Call us, and we will respond immediately.