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General cleaning

General cleaning of these two surfaces is the essential service we offer. Our employees are trained, and they will clean everything you want, from wide open floors to hardly accessible areas where there is a lot of dirt. They will use a wide array of machines that will help them deliver a high-quality service. Do note that this general cleaning doesn’t involve removal of mold and mildew from hidden places.

Removal of mold and mildew

The primary reason for offering removal of mold and mildew from your grout or tiles as a service of its own is due to the usage of potentially harmful chemicals. The majority of people find out about the existence of mold from the smell which means that it was there for a long time. To successfully remove the mildew, our employees will use chemicals that might cause harm to people and thus will restrict access to the room for a few days.

Maintenance of the flooring

Maintenance of the flooring is another service that we offer. This includes regular maintenance of said floors through the application of sealants on a regular basis. If you apply for this, then our workers will visit you on a regular basis where they will make sure that grout and tiles are in their pristine condition. They will clean everything and apply protection materials as well as sprays that will add shine to the floor


Keep your tiles clean.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the flooring will prevent the formation of stains that are hard to remove. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all loose dirt and debris and then sweep the floor with a mop. Doing this every day is tiring, but it will keep the floor clean. You can also do this every third or fourth day, given that there aren’t many sources that can create debris and dirt. If there are many sources, then you will have to clean more frequently.

Remove hard stains

You can remove hard stains with a bit of hard work and vinegar. Use a small quantity of vinegar (mixed with water) for mopping. This will eliminate a lot of stains that aren’t as easy to clean. If this fails to remove all stains, then mix fresh water and detergent and mop once again. Do not leave the floor as it is after this cleaning process. Use warm water to remove the dirt that was loosened the with the previous cleaning. Marble floor can’t withstand chemicals found in detergent and vinegar.

Prevent mildew in bathrooms

Mildew will form in bathrooms and other parts of the house that have tiles and little air flow. You can prevent the growth of mold with airing the bathroom after the use. We use some complex chemicals to deal with mold, but if it’s still small, then you can use ammonia-based liquid to remove it. Rust will form in the bathroom as well. If there is only a small amount of, rust, then the kerosene will remove it quickly.

You have a problem with tiles? Hard stains and mildew?

Just contact us, and we will send an inspector to evaluate the extent of work that we will have to finish at your place. This will also affect the price, depending on how long it will take for our people to clean everything. Longer it will take, the more money you will have to pay. Don’t forget that calling us will save you from a lot of work as well as possible health issues due to mold and mildew.


We are aware of how hard is to clean tiles and grout alone, and we have equipment that will turn that work into something that will last only a couple of hours.

Call us, and we will respond immediately.


We have achieved that through dedication and hard work as well investments in tools and equipment. We don’t want to do a decent job; we want you to praise us and tell everyone how we did excellent work. If we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve to be called the best in the business.


This job requires some top equipment, and we have it. We use only the best equipment that is currently available as it allows us to finish the work faster, but not to lose a high quality of the service we provide.

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