Tips and tricks to prevent and remove grout mold

Tips and tricks to prevent and remove grout mold

It’s a well-known fact that mold often inhabitants warm and moist areas, with poor air circulation. This makes kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements an excellent place for mold to appear. In this way, the humidity is always high, and airflow is usually limited. Therefore, it’s common to find mildew in these rooms, on the walls, ceiling, and between tiles.

However, tile grout is most affected by the mold, which makes it tough to clean and remove. Considering that grout has a porous nature, it is particularly susceptible to mold growth and development. Even if you buy mops for tile floors and grout and clean regularly, no one can guarantee you that mildew won’t appear again. So, here are some tips and trick to fix this problem.

Hot to prevent mold in the grout

Scrubbing Grout CleanAs you may know, the prevention is the best cure. When you think about it, why spend so much time on cleaning, when you can prevent it from happening again. You only have to keep mold under control and the way to accomplish that is to keep tiles dry. In this case, you will never have to think about these harmful microorganisms.

You must be wondering, how can you keep room dry that is designed to be wet, such as a bathroom. You can’t, but there is a difference between getting wet and staying wet all the time. In this case, you can keep door and windows open as long as possible, run the exhaust fan at least half an hour after showering and wipe everything clean with a dry cloth.

Removing mold from grout

This action requires a lot of patience and a lot of work. You aren’t only dealing with mildew, but also with spores which can later cause for mold to appear again. This is why you have to disinfect the area thoroughly, to avoid further issues. So, how to get rid of mildew from the lines between tiles. There are several methods which can help you.

You can start with bleach. Make mixture 1:4, water to bleach and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz the affected area and wait for 30 minutes, then scrub thoroughly with a brush, to remove all the residue. Rinse it with cold water and repeat the entire process if necessary.

You can also apply bleach directly onto the moldy grout and let it sit for 15 minutes. In this case, you don’t need a brush, rinse it with warm water. Keep in mind that bleach causes fading and discoloration and it shouldn’t be used on colored tiles or grout. You can damage the tile finish, and this will be impossible to replace.

Also, be careful with the application. Bleach is a dangerous product and may irritate your eyes and hands, so it’s recommended to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. Make sure that you keep the room ventilated through this entire process, so you don’t damage your respiratory tract.

Tile Cleaning Made Easy – Everything You Wanted To Know About Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Made Easy – Everything You Wanted To Know About Tile Cleaning

Having your tiles cleaned is certainly something you need to do from time to time, but do you know how to get the best results? Chances are, you have an idea how you can do it, but this demands to have to scrub and kneel. Well, we have a different idea of fun, and we want to show you how you can get your tiles clean with ease so that you can enjoy a shining bathroom, hallway or kitchen, without having to worry about tiles and grout cleaning.

How To Clean Tiles In Your Home

In your home, you can clean tiles in all sorts of ways. However, some people would rather use strong chemicals, while others prefer sticking to home remedies and natural cleaning agents. If you want you can use both, but cleaning tiles can be difficult even when you do not use strong chemicals. If you want you can use bleach, which is certainly one of the most effective ways of cleaning tiles, but if you are against chemicals try using lemon juice or vinegar, and you will have great results as well.

Know When To Call Experts

If your tiles are extremely damaged, or if your grout is damaged, it is perhaps high time to replace them altogether. If you think that the tiles and grout are beyond repair that cleaning could do, perhaps replacing them altogether will give better results. The experts will know what to do, and you can call our cleaning service if you do not want to clean it yourself. The cleaning service will clean your tiles if possible and point you in the right direction if it isn’t.

What To Do If You Want To Keep Your Tiles Clean

If you want to keep your tiles clean to make sure you clean them regularly, that is the whole point. Your tiles will not be able to get stained if you clean them on a regular basis. However, if you let the dirt sit for a long time between the tiles, it is bound to damage the tiles and the grout between them. To keep your tiles clean you can use different methods, and if you do not want to do it yourself do not hesitate to call vct tile cleaning in rock hill sc and they will do this for you. They are the best tile cleaning company in South Carolina and one of the best companies in the states.

Here Is How You Clean Tiles Effectively

Clean tiles effectively with this simple tip: get a toothbrush and scrub some bleach into the tiles and the grout. Leave it to rest for some time and wash it with water. Upon washing, if there are still stains that were not removed, repeat this process until they are removed. You might want to do this on a regular basis as well, but if you see that the grout is beyond cleaning, perhaps you could color it with a color and hide the stains.

Grout cleaning process

Grout cleaning process

When I think of grout cleaning, the first thing that crosses my mind is hard work. But, today I’m sure it doesn’t always have to be like that. If you know what you’re doing, grout (the mixture of cement, sand, and water) can be simple to deal with. Our tiles are kept in place thanks to it so that we can clean it properly at least.

The number one method

Whether we’re using those basic, necessary things that will make our cleaning process easier, or if we’re using little more aggressive ones, we will be happy to walk you through the entire cleaning process. First of all, we need to make our cleaning solution. We recommend getting a large bucket and mix water, baking soda, ammonia and vinegar in it.

Once we are done with it, we should prepare a spray bottle and move our mixture to it. Before we use it, we need to make sure we shake the bottle. In this way, we’ll be able to clean the dirtiest parts of the grout ever. Spraying shouldn’t be complicated. We just start with a small section, spray over it, let it set and repeat the process again.

What else to do?

The magic word is scrubbing. I guess nothing can be done without hard work after all. We only need to pick a brush we want to use for cleansing (either a toothbrush or any brush) and start scrubbing aggressively between the tiles.
The next step is cleaning the dirt from the tiles. We take a wet cloth and wipe the dust up. After this, we make sure we don’t forget to get all the dirt and dark parts out from the grout.

Tile cleaning process

Tile cleaning process

I am pretty sure that both your bathroom and kitchen have tile flooring. It is perfect for the places that could get wet sometimes and the best of all; it is very easy and simple to clean it. Perhaps you were struggling with cleaning your tile flooring in the past, but now, with our help, your tile flooring will look better than ever with just a few simple steps. Our cleaning process consists of a few common techniques which, I believe, you will recommend to your friends.

What to start with?

If you are a housewife, or simply a mom, I believe you already do this every day, but I must mention it anyway. The best cleaning technique to begin with is definitely sweeping or vacuuming the floor. If you have small children, they can easily drop food on your floor and it can accumulate easily on it.

The next part of the cleaning process would be mopping the floor with warm water. It is easier than it sounds and it requires only a strong will. If there are no big stains on your tile floor, we only need to dip our mop in warm water, clean one part of the room, move to the next section and repeat this process until we mop the whole floor.

What else do we do?

After mopping, we are supposed to dry your floor. To do this, we only need a dry mop to dry the floor with. You mustn’t ever be lazy because if you accidentally drop a glass of drink, it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer it stays on the floor, the harder it will be to clean it later.